Dear Malala

You inspire me so much that I cannot but share my thoughts with you. I had tears in my eyes when I watched your speach at the UN because I am so happy that you do all this. Have you noticed that you’re the complete opposite of the persons who usually stand there? You are young, you’re a girl and you’re muslim. I love that you’re so different. It’s very important, that there are all kind of people being treated in the same way and you make it happen.

I read your book and I loved it. I feel close to you. I am born in Switzerland and I love my home and I am very grateful that I was that lucky to be born in such a well-going place on earth. But my heart still wishes for a better world and I keep fighting for it as an activist. I fight for women rights, I fight for women to be free from the social expectations and to stand up for themselves. I fight for our nature, as it must be protected and not destroyed. I fight for peace because it is the only way to live together.
I have the same fire in my heart as you have. You had the opportunity to speak at the UN and you used it to speak in the name of all activists and for all activists. I thank you very much for this.

I love the thought that the Taliban wanted to kill you but made you and your struggle for education and women rights even bigger. That’s a huge success.

Malala, please continue as long as you’re able to to fight for your ideals. I will and together we can change the world.

With all the best wishes,

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