SWEDEN/Älvsbyn; I think of you so often, every day. I'm thinking back, remembering the times, every day. I imagine, I compare how I spent my time there and what I'm doing now. One year ago, I was going to... One year ago, I was waiting for... One year ago, I met... One year ago, I was in that very different place, with all the people I'm afraid I will never see again. No, I wasn't fully happy, for sure. I'm not telling the story more beautiful then it was. But I miss the good things. I miss the special things. I miss, I miss my friends, I miss them so much that it hurts, that I could cry if I would let the feeling even closer to my heart. And somehow I miss the place. I miss the strange and weird things about it like the everlasting darkness. I miss the candy in the shops. I miss the trees who were all white from snow and frost. I miss looking out for reindeers and spotting one in the black and white landscape while cruising on one of the empty, endless roads. I miss the little book store where I bought all the stamps for the 32 postcards I sent home. I miss the morning walks and the following breakfast that always tasted amazing. I miss the language lessons and the students from all over the world. I miss selling the fairtrade things and counting the change in Swedish. And I miss my friends, I miss them so much. I got to know beautiful people with beautiful souls and hearts. I met people from all over the world, from every continent and I loved to hear their stories. I loved how they smiled at me when they saw me and how they welcomed me with open arms.
If I could, I would pick the places I love the most and the people I love the most and build a new world with it. It would be all mine.

Jag vill ha smörgås och gröt till frukost.

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